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Hello, You!

My name is Kirsten Meintjes, and I am a psychologist-turned-web-developer from Cape Town, South Africa. I have a life-long mission to see and document the world that I find myself in today. I have open eyes, an open heart, and a deep curiosity about the weird and wonderful people and places that exist. Whilst traveling alone in 2016, I started KirstenTravels to document my perspective and endeavours as I floated around the world with a backpack.

Now that I am “home,” the passion for creating sites and writing content is still alive. Although I am no longer physically on the road, the aim of my writing remains the same: to document my thoughts and activities as I throw myself into situations and navigate my way through my twenties. I hope you enjoy this little creative project 🙂

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One Year On

One year since I landed. One year since I stepped back onto my home soil. One year since I was reunited with my family. One year since I walked back to a life that was same same but different. An entire year has passed since I returned back home from traveling many countries for a year in 2016. I have realized today that this probably means that I can no longer say "I've just returned from a year abroad" - and yet, it still feels like I am finding my feet and navigating my way through adulthood and responsibility. Perhaps this is something that most people are feeling at this age - I am appr [...]

The 36 Questions that Lead to Love

Are you sick and tired of day-to-day small-talk, filling your interactions with surface level chit-chat? I have been feeling like this for quite some time, and have explored various ways in which to foster more meaningful connections, with more people, more quickly! I've researched people such as Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, Kalina Silverman of Big Talk, and Dave Isay of StoryCorps. I truly feel a calling to somehow contribute to better relationships between people, with more depth and understanding of the lives one another lives. During my morning walk earlier, whilst listening to [...]

Siem Reap: 4 Excellent Reasons to Go

I’ve just spent over a week in Siem Reap, and it has been a total highlight of my South-East Asia experience. Allow me to explain… I am not really a city girl. I love the city that I grew up in, but let’s be honest – no place truly can beat Cape Town! 😉 I have found the majority of other cities to be loud, dirty, and make me somewhat claustrophobic… this can especially said for Asian cities (although some of them do have their charm, I can’t say I regret living in Hanoi in any way). For my final two months of traveling, I haven’t really had an itinerary... I met up with somebody I met earlier [...]