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My name is Kirsten Meintjes, and I am a psychologist-turned-web-developer from Cape Town, South Africa. I have a life-long mission to see and document the world that I find myself in today. I have open eyes, an open heart, and a deep curiosity about the weird and wonderful people and places that exist.

Whilst traveling alone in 2016, I started KirstenTravels to document my perspective and endeavours as I floated around the world with a backpack. Although I am no longer physically on the road, the aim of my writing remains the same: to document my thoughts and activities as I throw myself into situations and navigate my way through my twenties.

Now that I am “home,” the passion for creating sites and writing content is still alive. I have many more posts to write about my experiences abroad, as well as about everything else too. I hope you enjoy this little creative project 🙂

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