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Messages from others from around the world

I’m often fascinated by the little pockets of wisdom that us as humans like to share with others all around the world. Much of the beauty lies in the fact that we can share such insightful perspectives with complete strangers simply through the act of writing. Being out and about on my feet very often – much of this I can attribute to running – has lead me to be exposed to some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking quotes (or even simply words) that others have selflessly gone out of their way to share.

As I travel I’ve decided to start collecting photographs of writing that I come across – be it on walls, pavements, boards, doors, trees, etc – and I will update the slideshow below as I go along. All photos of quotes were taken in the natural setting in which they were found. These things have been written with a purpose to be shared, and even if you did not see them person, I thought they were interesting enough to get the word out, so to speak (: Whether you are feeling uninspired, bored, or are in need of a bit of a focus shift, let this be the channel for others to pass on their energy  and message to YOU.

I’d love to see what you have encountered along your path!