Wahyu (Bali, Indonesia)

Wahyu was a work partner and a friend that I met when living in Bali, Indonesia. He is a 24 year old entrepreneur, owning a number of startups as well as working independently as a digital marketing consultant (see more here). I did a work exchange a [...]

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Hanoi Typhoon August 2016

I have been in Vietnam for one week, and am currently experiencing my first typhoon! One of my new housemates warned me last night that a typhoon was on it's way. He added that it would be worse that the one a few weeks ago! When I asked what it was [...]

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Friendship Dreads

One jolly summer’s evening in Albany, my work/dorm mates and I were out at the White Star pub. This is pretty much the local watering hole, and most get-togethers inevitably ended up here. One of my dorm mates actually had a job here – she must have [...]

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Tips for Travel on a Shoestring Budget

Recently a couple of people have sent me messages to ask how I do it. How am I traveling like this, at this young age, alone? They want a lifestyle change too. How can they do this without breaking the bank? I'm flattered that people are interested i [...]

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Tips for Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing was our main type of accommodation for my and Dobbs' trip through New Zealand. We didn't have much of a choice - if we were to travel the full 3 weeks that we had set out for ourselves, we simply could not pay for accommodation each nigh [...]

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Skill #5: Coconut Shell Carving

When taking a solo stroll around the Gili Air island one morning, I came across someone busy with something to the side of the road at a little stall. He looked up and acknowledged me, and I was immediately intrigued. My attention was caught. Unlike [...]

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