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The world is a book. Those who don’t travel read only one page.

I write posts here about my experiences whilst traveling abroad. The food, the sights, and of course the people I meet along the way. Packing my life up into a backpack (and the rest into my father’s garage) was not as difficult as one might think. I hope that you can find something in my posts that help you get courage to plan your own journey, know what to expect (although expectations aren’t generally good), and confidently turn the dream into a reality.

Travel is certainly not for everybody, but I think that it is for many more than people might realize. Sometimes people comment that they are jealous of me, wish they could do what I am doing, but [insert reason for not traveling]. Often ones drawbacks are internal self-efficacy issues. If I can do this, then you are certainly capable of it too! Hopefully this blog will prove just that.

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Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t. I heard this quote by Bill Nye in a TED Talk and this has inspired me to passively seek out nuggets of knowledge or inspiration from every person I encounter.

Some of these people along the road have been particularly interesting; so much so that I decided to dedicate a section to them. You might not have met these people yourself, but you can still learn something new from them!


Us humans enjoy sharing little pockets of wisdom with others all around the world. Much of the beauty of this lies in the fact that we can share these with complete strangers simply through the act of writing.

Walls of Wisdom is a collection of photographs of writing that I come across; be it on walls, pavements, boards, doors, trees, and so on. Whether you are feeling uninspired, bored, or are in need of a bit of a focus shift, let this be the channel for others to pass on their energy  and message to you.


What is enjoyable about visiting graveyards? Why read a newspaper in a language you cannot understand? This section contains the weird and wonderful activities that I’ve made a habit of whilst on the road – and why you should be doing these things too!