Travelers vs. Expats

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The number of countries and contexts that I have been in this year has been numerous, to say the least. Coming back to Asia, ever since I hit that 6 month mark and realization when I arrived in Bali (read more here), I'v [...]

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Overcoming Resistance

At a low point during my time here in Bali, I came across a free seminar on “mindset.” I signed up to this and committed to attending on a Friday morning; it seemed like something that would realign my mind to where I felt it needed to be. I knew my [...]

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The Not-So-Conventional Post on Vegetarianism

I'll start by saying this: I have only very recently become fully vegetarian, but some of these thoughts have been brewing for many years.  I need to organise these logically for myself, and of course I do this best through writing. So why not share [...]

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Identity as a Traveler

Being back on the road in a backpacker hotspot, and meeting people from far and wide, it's had to make me re-evaluate my identity as a "traveler." When I was in Australia and New Zealand, there were many others traveling, but I spent a fair amount of [...]

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List: Homes and Families

I have been so fortunate to have so many people from far and wide open their homes to me whilst I've been on the road. Be it for a night or a number of months, I have been welcomed in with open arms time and again. I thought that I would acknowledge  [...]

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What If?

Lying in bed last night, I caught myself asking the question "What if I've fallen too far down the rabbit hole?" First of all, it's not actually fallen down the rabbit hole. For as long as I can think back, I've purposefully climbed my way down there [...]

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