Identity as a Traveler

Being back on the road in a backpacker hotspot, and meeting people from far and wide, it’s had to make me re-evaluate my identity as a “traveler.”
When I was in Australia and New Zealand, there were many others traveling, but I spent a fair amount of time with locals too. My frame of mind was often that I was amongst others in their own homeland – that I was doing something different to the relative norm. Having recently arrived in Bali however, the majority of people I have conversed with so far are also foreigners.


One of the three golden backpacker questions is “how long have you been on the road for?”
I am meeting people who have been traveling for up to a number of years, but I am also meeting some who have just stepped off the plane fresh from home. When people answer “2 days,” and my response is “almost 6 months,” there are a variety of reactions I get from this.
It is not so much the reactions that have gotten me thinking; I just can’t quite believe that it’s been quite that long! I’m no longer a newbie to the travel scene – there are many who are asking questions that I can answer. I can give advice.  I feel somewhat accomplished (even though there is a long way still to go).

Being back in Asia has also brought back many memories from the beginning of this journey.
I started off in Thailand and have had so many flashbacks of things I haven’t ever thought back to in the subsequent months.  It feels like I have completed a circle, and have returned as a more enriched and experienced person in some ways. Perhaps this is one half of an infinity loop, with the other half having just begun.

The cogs are turning. My mind is open. I am months behind on posts – but I have faith I’ll get around to them 😉 I’m just so enjoying living and experiencing everything in the moment!

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