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This is a distinct blog category detailing more internal thoughts and feelings.

Although all of these reflections have happened whilst I have been traveling, the aim of these posts is not to get across a specific point about a location or experience. Rather, these are realisations I’ve had on the road that have affected my self development, reflecting little chisels away at the person that I am growing to be.

You will learn more personal things about me in this section; the state of the world and the future I see it heading towards, my thoughts and views on debatable topics, and other more personal reflections. All things non-location-specific that I’ve wanted to talk about nonetheless, basically!

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This section holds a collection of questions or thoughts that jump into my mind, and quotes that I particularly enjoy. They are little bite-sized bits of information that needed their own place to belong on this site, and I especially welcome people’s contributions in the comments section. Let’s flesh some of these things out in the quest for a clear perspective on ourselves and the world that we find ourselves in.

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