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This is a distinct blog category detailing more internal thoughts and feelings.

Although all of these reflections have happened whilst I have been traveling, the aim of these posts is not to get across a specific point about a location or experience. Rather, these are realisations I’ve had on the road that have affected my self development, reflecting little chisels away at the person that I am growing to be.

You will learn more personal things about me in this section; the state of the world and the future I see it heading towards, my thoughts and views on debatable topics, and other more personal reflections. All things non-location-specific that I’ve wanted to talk about nonetheless, basically!

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Technology. Entertainment. Design.

TED is a group of conferences at which some of the best recognized minds in the world come together to share passions and ideas. This section contains some of my favourite TED Talks, each post with a summary of the talk and reasons why it spoke to me.


This section holds a collection of questions or thoughts that jump into my mind, and quotes that I particularly enjoy. They are little bite-sized bits of information that needed their own place to belong on this site, and I especially welcome people’s contributions in the comments section. Let’s flesh some of these things out in the quest for a clear perspective on ourselves and the world that we find ourselves in.

Each full idea can be found right below.

What we don’t know

I borrowed this idea from a book I’m currently reading, “A Universe from Nothing.”

We know what we know, and we even know some of what we don’t know. But what is most intriguing is that, arguably for the most-part, we don’t know what we don’t know. 

The Funeral Paradox

Sitting at a funeral once, I looked around myself and realized the strangest thing:

“Not a single person whose funerals I have attended throughout my lifetime will be present at my funeral. Also, I will not be in attendance for anyone’s funeral who is in attendance at my own”

This is a no-brainer. But still, I find the thought so interesting.

An Aggregate of Information

Humans are suddenly building an exponential aggregate of information. A number of great minds from the past continue to influence us through their books; more recently we can immortalise information through writing online, recording videos, creating interactive applications, and so on.
We now have these incredible information storing mechanisms upon which generations and generations of data is going to be collected, as great minds come and go. All of their input will collected, building a massive aggregate of information available to future societies, which has so many ramifications for education and growth in the future.

Before Written Communication

Imagine what the world was like before written communication. Before telegraphs, letters; where communication was only verbal. Imagine the limited knowledge of other people, countries, cultures; information in general! We have so rapidly grown communication between ourselves and the rest of the world. It’s incredible. Are we moving toward one global citizenship? Or is an intolerance toward the “other” – something that would be unknown sans written communication – only increasing?

New Generation, New Leadership Potential

It’s so cool that my generation – the Millennials – is the first that consists of so many travelers. Future world leaders, on average, are going to be much more traveled from a younger age than any other leaders in history. This has massive implications. Their minds will have been molded from many perspectives from much earlier on than any of the leaders right now; often-times this exposure will have been first-hand experience. If so many current leaders in politics, technology, and medicine come from conservative backgrounds, not having had access to information via the internet whilst growing up, imagine what the next wave of leaders will be able to accomplish.

Other Life in Space

Why are scientists investing so much time and money into finding out whether other forms of life on other planets are sending signals our way? Why would be even be so arrogant as to think that they would be trying to contact us?! Maybe some other forms of life exist, know about each other, and are content with it. They could even be aware of us but feel no need to get into touch. Wanting to reach out and communicate is a human need. Not necessarily a need of another form of life. Therefore they might not even ever “think” (or equivalent) of sending us radio waves, popping over to visit us, or anything like that.