Matt is a guy that I met in February 2016 on the bus trip back from Albany to Perth. The bus stopped at a very strange little cafe that was Halloween themed – I walked through the door and did a double take at a life-sized zombie butler holding out a tray. It was just creepy, especially after a massive thunderstorm and full moon the night prior. Anyway, I digress.

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Matt was standing behind me in the bus-sized coffee queue.
We got chatting. The tea break was cut short because we had been delayed by roadworks, and so he and I only got to speak again upon arrival in Perth (I certainly wasn’t going to give up the episodes of Lost I was absorbed in en-route. I needed some “alone” time okay!)

We hopped off the bus and I loaded up my backpack. I was to hang around or catch a train into town or a surrounding suburb where my friend, Gemma, would pick me up after work and take me to the airport the following morning.

Sitting down on a bench to take in some fresh air, he offered me a rollie (nobody says no to one of these in Australia, smokes are so expensive!) and we got chatting and subsequently decided to catch the train together. Long story short, we got on the wrong train, got lost finding his backpackers, but eventually dropped our bags and headed out for a few drinks whilst Gemma finished work.[Side note: Kirsten of the past would certainly not be quite this clueless, unprepared, and spontaneous – especially with a stranger! But what did I have to lose?]

Matt turned out to be a really interesting guy.
I knew he had depth the moment he asked me what my star-sign was back on the bench at the bus station – sue me for being stereotypical but he came across as just another guy trying to strike up a superficial chat (which is also okay I guess!) He comes from what one would typically perceive as a hectic family (it got me wondering how my own family fares), and although he writes songs and poetry, Matt manages to live a chilled and stress-free life up in Queensland.

With a guy I had only known for a few hours, I managed to have a conversation that 9/10 people I know would never be willing/able to engage in.
We spoke about perceptions of sanity, reality, and our relative importance and equal insignificance. We spoke about the agency of ones actions, reactions, and the associated consequences. We discussed the possibility of other dimensions, life, and energies imperceptible to the boundaries of human cognition.

It was really refreshing to meet and connect with someone on this level in the most unlikely of places. To experience a couple of hours bouncing ideas off each other that we individually had evolved throughout our lifetimes; and then, like these ideas, once again journeying off in our separate directions.

Thank you for being refreshingly deep and insightful, Matt!

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