During our trip through New Zealand, our first Couchsurfing host was a man named Steve. He lives on a farm 20km out of a town called Tauranga, which is on the North Island’s East Coast in a beautiful area called the Bay of Plenty.

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Steve is a whizz in the kitchen, and so naturally my travel mate Dobbs and I were eager to learn some new skills. Steve grows many types of fruit in his garden, and the native feijoa is one of these. They are related to guavas and have a similar texture, but unique pleasant taste. He whipped out the dehydrator on our first morning there, and got us to work scooping out their flesh.

We blitzed this together with molasses and water; then spread it out on two layers for the dehydrator. This was left to firm up overnight. As Dobbs and I entered the kitchen the following morning for breakfast, Steve was cutting and rolling it up. It was perfect. Along with our cereal we ate half of our body weight in fruit leather, and packed a couple more rolls into our backpacks for good measure. Thank you for taking the time to share all of your special kitchen skills with us, Steve!

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