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What New Skill Would You Like To Learn?

This is a challenge I have set for myself: to get as many people to teach me as many skills as possible. Be it slacklining, counting from 1-10 in Mandarin, or learning the basics of nephology, I want to learn it all. And I want YOU to teach me. This is a pilot project for a bigger collaborative idea which I’d like to get into if all goes well.

Everybody is good at something, and I’d love to carry a little piece of everyone I meet with me for the rest of my life. Of course I’m aware that one cannot master a skill within a few hours of informal teaching – it takes 20 hours to learn the basics, and 10 000 hours for mastery! However it is nonetheless awesome to dip my toe into a variety of hobbies so-to-speak.

If you have any sort of hobby or skill that you’d are passionate about and would like to share, please head over to my contact page, check out my current location to make sure I’m around, and get in touch! In exchange I’d be happy to teach you some of my own skills! Otherwise hopefully making a new friend and having interesting conversations is enough. For what it’s worth, exposure on this little website is included of course 🙂