100 Sunrises 2017-11-29T16:57:11+00:00

As cliché as it is, I really love sunsets, and love sunrises even more. There’s something magical about the colours that light up the sky; a different canvas in motion each and every time. When living in Cape Town, I often ended up running along the seaside as the sun was setting. The scene in front of me would take my breath away – it definitely wasn’t the physical exertion 😉 – and often I’d find myself compelled to pause and take a snap of what I was experiencing.

One of the first things I wanted to do when I bought my GoPro was film timelapses – and what better to practice on than a sunrise or sunset? I’ll never forget one summer’s morning in Plettenberg Bay in New Year 2014. I woke up at 4:30am, got my gear together, and headed to the beach. I set up the GoPro on a little tripod behind me and sat on my yoga mat watching the gentle light of the day appearing in front of me. That morning marked the birth of my love for sunrises in particular, as well as capturing these to share with others.

There’s something particularly magical about sunrises. I think it’s experiencing something which you know you took the effort to get up and go to see whilst it feels that the rest of the world is asleep. Now that I have the time whilst I’m traveling, I really want to set aside the time to capture more of these beautiful scenes. I have set the goal for myself to see 100 sunrises in total, and I’d love to get as close as possible at least! I think not only will this encourage me to be relatively healthy (not indulging too much the night prior), but it’ll also offer me a beautiful space in which I can gather my thoughts and simply enjoy the present moment.

There is a sunrise every single morning. It’s up to me whether I experience it or not.

I’ve started this page in March 2016 and as I write this I’m currently in Sydney, perfectly positioned facing East to watch the sun appearing over the sea. I’ve been running in the early morning a fair amount since I arrived in Australia and thus already can put some photos of sunrises in the slideshow below. Like with the Walls of Wisdom page, I’ll update the slideshow as I go along, captioning where and when the sunrise was experienced.