I have been in Vietnam for one week, and am currently experiencing my first typhoon!

One of my new housemates warned me last night that a typhoon was on it’s way. He added that it would be worse that the one a few weeks ago! When I asked what it was like then, his description began with “Well, trees started falling down…” Apparently for Typhoon 2.0, everyone in Hanoi has been instructed to stay indoors; most business operations have ceased for the day.

Extreme weather excites me (unless I am in an airplane) and so for the past 24h I have very much been enjoying this new experience. It has consisted of me sitting inside, drinking coffee, watching YouTube tutorials, and turning the A/C to sub-zero to pretend that it’s Winter.

About halfway through this afternoon I realised I wasn’t being a “proper traveler” just hiding inside in my cozy little home. Excitedly I put on my rain-jacket (which I might as well not have worn) and walked outside with my GoPro. At least the waterproof casing for it was effective, and I was able to put together this little clip!

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