Look at that. I lived in this for (only) 10 days!

Staying at Chill Out House marked the beginning of my solo backpacking.
I arrived there in early January after having spent a week in Phuket with my mother and brothers. Think warm temperatures, white sand and transparent water lapping at the shore’s edge; beach bungalows dotted along the coast, and countless live reggae bars. Upon my arrival I took off my shoes, only put them back on at the airport two weeks later!


Ko Lanta was the perfect place for me to get some rest and relaxation; not only after the hustle and bustle of Phuket, but also simply after having such a busy and demanding two years of my life. I could sleep however late I wanted to every morning (which wasn’t much past breakfast as the heat got me out of bed fairly quickly!), crack open a (very cheap) beer with my lunch, go for walks along the beach, explore the island’s various suburbs, and simply take in all of the tropical surrounds.

Living in a treehouse was amazing, even better than I had anticipated.
I felt part of a family there, even though people arrived and left daily. It was fascinating to meet fellow travelers of all ages from such diverse backgrounds, yet all connected by a common thread – the love of adventure and pursuit of new perspectives to experience the world. The people I met in Ko Lanta – travelers as well as locals – introduced me to the wonderful types of people that I’ll be meeting along this journey, wherever I go.

It is also during this trip that I could really get into the mindset of being “alone” for this next chapter of my life; being the sole decision-maker and writer of my own future stories. When asked where I want to be in a day, a week, a few months’ time, the answer to all of these questions lay within decisions solely up to me. Achieving unnecessary financial wealth is not a priority in my lifetime, but I do so enjoy the freedom that my hard work and savings over the years have allowed me.

These photos are a collection of my own as well as others who were kind enough to share their shots with me!

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