Sunrise at Lake Wanaka

Today is my last full day of my second trip to New Zealand this year.
I have been traversing the country with my friend Alex (who I often refer to as Dobbs), and we heading to our final destination – Queenstown – today. We fly out our separate ways tomorrow. I have so much to write about this trip, but I will save that for posts over the next couple of weeks. For now, I need to write about this morning.

We arrived in Wanaka last night and got to sleep pretty early. I woke up this morning and decided to go for a walk to experience the Wintery morning in this picturesque town. I stepped outside and my fingers started doing this thing where I can’t properly feel or move them. Guess I’m not cut out for living in a country that get’s too cold…! I checked the temperature on my phone and it was -5°C. Brrr.

I dashed into a coffee place nearby the lake and treated myself to a large cappuccino.
The coffee shop had a very inviting fireplace, and I immediately got the feeling that it is going to be a special day. I have had this feeling daily in New Zealand, and it has never been wrong. The amount of simply incredible things that have happened – “co-incidences” that cannot be explained, “sheer luck” that people who have picked us up have happened to be heading to our exact destination, meeting people who we were just obviously meant to meet, and traveling in a pocket of perfect weather down the country’s Winter – has made me convinced that there is a gentle hand guiding us down a path that we need to be on. I often hear a whisper and I follow it, without fail finding exactly what is waiting for me (Side note: How did my thinking get so fatalistic? I am a girl of science and certainly don’t subscribe to any organised religion… I guess there are more than these two options)


Although it happens often, the novelty of this feeling does not ware off. Feeling it this morning made me giddy with excitement, believing that something wonderful was about to happen. Because I snoozed my alarm 3 times before finally getting up (and woke up my dorm room each time), I was pretty sure I’d missed the sunrise, especially as I am still accustomed to the sun rising at 6am in Australia. Nonetheless, I wanted to go and walk along the lake and enjoy this pretty town before departing.

As I walked out of the coffee shop, I caught a glimpse of the sun catching the snow-capped peaks of the surrounding mountains.
I honestly couldn’t believe it. For some reason I only thought this happened at sunset, and evening has been a time of day which has been my favourite here for this very reason. Anyone who has given us lifts will know how I can’t stop talking about my enjoyment of the sunlight hitting the mountains, grass, sheep, anything(!) at the different times of day here.
When I realised I was about to witness a very special sunrise, I felt a warmth fill my heart. I thanked the country once again for everything it has shown me, and I went and found a bench and watched the display of light and colour.

As this trip comes to an end, a new beginning dawns.
A new month will bring new countries, people and experiences. New Zealand is right for me in so many ways, and one day I will spend much more time in this country. But for now, it’s time to smile about what has happened, take the love and light that I have gained from this trip, and face my head forward toward the unknown that awaits.

PS: Listen to the following song for extra effect

Two nights ago I had a really vivid dream in which I was trying my best to play this song on the piano, but my fingers couldn’t find the right keys. This is traditionally a song that I love playing, with my eyes shut. The left and right hands play really different roles, and the essence of the song is only really felt when put together. In the dream, no matter how convinced I was that I had perfect muscle memory of the song, it just wasn’t happening. It was incredibly frustrating. Fairly often I have dreams where I know that I know the notes so well, but my fingers just can’t find them.

After this dream I woke up and listened to the song and felt more relaxed, knowing it wasn’t real; that I hadn’t lost the song’s energy overnight. It was lovely to listen to it by Lake Wanaka this morning 🙂

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