Okay okay.  I didn’t actually weep.
The title of this post is adapted from the name of a book by Paulo Coehlo, a hugely influential author to me at the moment. It is fitting as I was sitting under a weeping willow, by a river, and reading one of his other books. It was just meant to be.

The timelapse below was taken on my last day in New Zealand. I had a day to spend in Christchurch before catching an evening flight, and wanted to make the most of my time there. This was the first solo time I’d gotten since I arrived in the country, so I decided to go and do some much-needed reflecting, especially after having such a mind-blowing, roller-coaster week. I learned innumerable lessons about myself, others, and what I do and don’t want for my life (much more about this soon to come).

I checked out of my backpackers and decided to walk wherever my feet took me.
I am safe.
I am happy.
Brain switched off.

After strolling through a graveyard and paying my respects (see travel rituals), I soon came across a river with the most beautiful nature lined along its banks. I decided to sit down under a weeping willow and get out my Paulo Coehlo book called Maktub (and subsequently my travel journal – I stole a willow leaf for my collection!) The whole scene was just too beautiful not to take a timelapse.

Back in Sydney now, I woke up this morning with a Coldplay song stuck in my head and a unshakable desire to put it on the piano. After getting this out of my system (thank heavens I finally have access to a piano!), I returned to my room, got into the zone, and put this short video together. I hope it can communicate the magic I felt on this special day.

As always, remember to watch in HD!

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