My next destination after living in the jungle in Thailand was Australia! It was strange to catch a ferry “back to reality” – or at least the relative reality I have conventionally lived in – and I sat and reflected on my time in Thailand at the airport (and read a novel – I arrived pretty early due to only one ferry per day at the time!)

I flew to Kuala Lumpur and had a good +-8 hour stopover.
Gotta love budget travel! Landing at 00:00, I knew I’d be pretty tired after a full day of commuting – with another one to come – so I booked myself into a “capsule hotel” at the airport to get some shuteye before my morning flight.

I had only seen concepts like Capsule by Container Hotel on the internet before and had always thought I’d love to try out one of these creative modern day inventions. Once I arrived there, I was impressed. For about AUD$30 (R350) I could have my very own little capsule for up to 12 hours; equipped with a bed and linen, a towel and access to showers, a plugpoint for chargers, free wifi, a shopper and a bottle of water.

Prior to my arrival I was just considering sleeping on the floor of the departures terminal.
I have done this multiple times alone in my life, the first time being for 11 hours at Heathrow when I was 15, and again in Istanbul on my 20th birthday. I can guarantee however that this was the best $30 I could’ve spent, especially considering I’d been sleeping on a mattress a little thicker than a towel on the floor of a treehouse up until then!

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