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Hello there! My name is Kirsten and I’m a 24-year-old girl from the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. Although I adore my hometown, I have a curious spirit and have realised that I’m at the perfect stage of life to see more of the world – its wide offerings of places, people, and fascinating cultures. Armed with my degree, open mind, and human-sized backpack, I set off in December 2015 starting my journey in Thailand.

I have started this website to document my travels: the places I go, people I meet, experiences I have, as well as to practice the art of web design! As much as I’ll be writing about my ‘external’ experiences, I’m quite introspective too. You can go deeper into my mind here. I find writing (or typing) incredibly conducive to my personal growth and development, as well as a simple yet powerful aid to organising thoughts and feelings.

Why the KirstenTravels Website?

The reason is simple. I love writing. I love traveling. I love helping others grow.

Why not combine these passions and create an informative site helping others learn new things too? Whether you want to plan your own trip, read about what is out there in the world, or simply have a perspective shift, I aim to put content on this website to stimulate your mind and give a realistic account of the highs and lows of travel, especially doing this as a solo female.

I am a real person with strengths as well as weaknesses. My aim is not to be posting the most beautiful Instagram photo showing off how “free, flawless, and full of life” I am. I would like to transform my experiences into a practical tool communicating the true highs and lows of being on the road, perhaps helping you decide whether travel is for you at this point in your life.

No matter how beautiful the Instagram pages and destination brochures are, the quality of your experience will largely be determined on how you are doing on the inside as you set out to see more of the world, be it to your neighboring town or across the globe.

Journaling on an isolated beach in Cinque Terre, Italy (December 2012).

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